Forsstrom TX-Mega can weld up to 450 mm in width and is the larger version of the popular HF-welding machine TX.

This powerful machine has been developed to weld volume products and can weld an area of up to 800 cm². The welding table of TX-Mega has a wider welding table and extra large space behind the electrode compared to machine TX (880 mm compared to TX’s 750 mm). Additionally, the TX-Mega has larger space between the electrode holder and the earth electrode.

Useable as stand-alone machine, or as a complement to a larger system of welding machines.

  • Powerful machine with 800 cm² weld area at 20 kW
  • Weldable tool width is 450 mm
  • 2700 kg maximum pressure
Manufacturer: Forsstrom
Forsstrom TX-Mega 400-800

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