For 20 years we have been working in sales, service, and repair of different machines. International experience, accurate and on schedule working with a lot of flexibility, are appreciated by our customers. Our machines are used worldwide.

Purchase of a production machine is an investment for many years to come. That’s why we offer in cooperation with our manufacturer, a complete concept including optimal advice, installation, training, service and global support.

A professional installation is the prerequisite for safe an accurate working with our machines.

As distribution partner of Forsstrom HF AB from Sweden, the leading manufacturer of high frequency welding machines, we are responsible for the areas Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Slovakia:

  • Sales of high frequency welding machines
  • Technical Service for high frequency welding machines
  • Repair of high frequency welding machines
  • Production of tools and custom-made products for high frequency welding machines
  • Accessories for high frequency welding machines

Our partner Matic S.A from Barcelona, is leader in technology and innovation of machines for textile finishes with high standards of quality, service, and safety.

We are responsible for Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Slovakia:

  • Cutting machines
  • Impuls welding machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Storage systems
  • Accessories
  • Service for all types of machines
  • Repair of all types of machines

Thanks to our wide range on machines, we can offer solutions for each of your requirements. If you would like to optimize your production, please contact us. We are looking forward advising you and recommend the right machine for your application!

Maybe you have a product that you want to weld, sew, or cut, and you are looking for another production solution. Or you have a specific material or fabric, and you want to know how to process it. In such cases, do not hesitate to discuss it with us and order a sample!

We are working very successfully with our partners:
Jopevi, Roffelsen, Fepatex, Gütermann