Looking for a used Forsstrom TD 20 kW? We have exactly what you need! Our Forsstrom TD 20 kW machine is in excellent condition and comes with a new work table. This top-quality unit is immediately available and ready to meet your production requirements. Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this powerful and reliable machine. Contact us today for more information!

R + T Stuttgart 2024 od 19.02. do 23.02.2024.

Posjetite nas u Stuttgartu 2024.

Training for working with High Frequency

We want you to gain the most possible profit, when working with the High frequency welding machines from Forsstrom.

Machines for curtain production

Please find out more about sewing systems for curtains! Simple, accurate and fast you always get a perfect sewing result.

LIVE DEMOS from Showroom in Matic

We offer a LIVE Demos via Skype, we are looking forward to support you and answer all your questions for the new machine!

New Machines from Matic

Interview with Firma Stemeseder

Matic M1 PC and Hera 6000

Fespa Global Print Expo 2022 from 31.05. to 03.06.2022

Fespa 2022 Berlin

Techtextil 2022 from 21.06. to 24.06.2022

Techtextil 2022 from 21.06. to 24.06.2022

New Sewing Machine for SEG Systems

Cronos Overlock Automatic sewing machine with conveyor belt for the application of keder for SEG Frames.

Heimtextil 2023

Heimtextil 2023

New HF – welding machine from company Forsstrom

Forsstrom MG-L 500 -800 remote controlled HF welding...