CRONOS 4.0 has been developed with focus on enhancing the functions of industry 4.0, to further improve the efficiency of the production flow and the quality of your backlits, flags, displays, banners, etc.
With CRONOS 4.0, you can easily achieve production traceability, remote control of operations, and get remote support from Matic.
The sewing program and settings will automatically be loaded by reading a QR code with the help of the integrated QR code reader, without the intervention of the operator.
It is easy to use and fast, reducing manufacturing time and increasing your productivity, without the need for an expert operator, always obtaining the highest quality.
It achieves high-quality flat seams for keder, hem, double hem, fastener tapes, and many other applications. The guides are customized for your applications, adapting the machine to your usual production.

Manufacturer: Matic

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