HFS Technik - Verkauf und Service von HF-Kunststoffschweißmaschinen

Consulting and sales

We offer full-service in the field of high frequency welding machines. Sales, delivery, assembling and commissioning as well as after-sales service and reparation.

As distribution partner of Forsstrom, the leading manufacturer of high frequency welding machines, we are responsible for the areas Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Thanks to the numerous number of different high frequency machines we are able to offer suitable solutions for each of your requirements.

  • Sale of Forsstrom high frequency welding machines

  • Technical Service for high frequency welding machines

  • Repair of high frequency welding machines

  • Toolmaking and custom-made products for high frequency welding machines

We are also distribution partner of Matic, for which we distribute the following products.

    • Cuttingsystems

    • Impulse-welding machines

    • Paternostersystems

    • Eyeletmachines

Contact Sales:

Andrea Kalt
Phone: +43 (0) 664 409 24 35
E-Mail: sales@hfs-technik.com

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