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TDO 200-1200

TDO 200-1200

The TDO machine (5-30 kW) consists of a suspended HF generator with welding press. The model is available in a stationary or travelling version. The suspended machine head provides unlimited space on all sides of the machine, making the model suitable for large material volumes, such as when producing large tents and structures.

The stationary TDO is suitable for the manufacturing of products that require many welding operations, such as details on tents. With its fast machine movement, the ability to pre-program welding cycles and the ability to switch the machine over to automatic welding, the travelling TDO is suitable for large-scale production with long, straight welds.

The model can also be equipped with vertical machine head adjustment (up to ± 0.5 m) and 360° rotation. This saves time as it reduces material handling.
  • Suspended machine – simplified handling of large material volumes
  • Can be equipped with adjustable machine head
  • Stationary or travelling

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